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Pequenopie “Little Feet” July 12, 2009

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baby feet 22Our family is brain storming some fund-raising ideas, to give family and friends a way to help us with some of the adoption fees, that we will have to pay. We are looking into having a store that people can order t-shirts and different stuff and we would make a small profit on each item bought.

We are looking into a few different ideas and would appreciate any ideas that you may have or have heard other families that are attempting to adopt also. We know that with the economy and with so many jobs lost, people are being more careful with their finances. We are also thinking of making a way to put right on this blog a way to financially support us, whenever people may have an extra few dollars, here and there.

Once we pay the intial 1st installment, the agency has a way for us to open an account where people can donate and receive a tax donation receipt to use at the end of the year. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Keep them coming!

Sometimes the distance to the end of this dream, seems so far away and out of reach. It seems like trying to hike up a mountain, you don’t see the top of it. We are realizing we just need to take one step in front of the other. One day at a time, one moment or breath at a time, litte by little and step by step. We  are on this path, for the long run. The path has turns and curves, it has small brooks and streams to cross. At some places on this path we see rocks and treacherous climbing with no trail. All in all we will trust in the Lord to guide us and show us the way, he wants us to go.

More to come later!