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Pequenopie “Little Feet” May 27, 2014

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It’s been so long since I have written, it’s been a little over a year in a half. Abby is now 4 1/2 and doing so well. She’s in preschool now
everyday and it’s so good for her. She is language delayed and in a great program that we see progress almost daily. We have all our girls living at home now, there is 7 of us. I guess I need to back up a little.

Last time I posted it was October of 2012, we were hoping and waiting to foster another child and hopefully adopt, one last time. We
decided we had more love to give and that Abby needed a sibling closer in age. Since our older girls are adults, work and have their own relationships, we realized it would be like Abby was an only child in a few years.

Near the end of November 2012, we were notified by our agency about a child that would be born in a few days and would we take her, we said yes. We were so excited, I started going through all my baby stuff seeing what I needed and nesting for a short time. We had actually waited over a year and once we changed our race wants to any color it happened much faster. We again realized that it didn’t matter if this child was white, brown, blue or orange, that we would just walk in faith and see how God would move.

The baby was born on November 27th and after 10 days of waiting and getting frustrated. Since the child was realeased from the hospital but dhs was slower, we went to the hospital and got a baby. She was absolutley beautiful. I will go through some of our waits, joys and agony but she will be ours in a few months. Another child to bless and be blessed by.