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Pequenopie “Little Feet” August 28, 2011

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This is another beautiful day that we shared blowing bubbles and having fun. So many days with Abby are new and so special. She now says Chee to, for cheetos and pooh ba for pooh bear. She is looking like a big tall toddler and I can’t believe in a little over a month, she will be two years old. It’s gone so fast, its hard to believe it.

Every day I know how we are truly blessed, to have a beautiful loving marriage, to have 4 wonderful sweet daughters, that truly love each other. To have God fully in our lives, family and wonderful friends, how much more could you even ask for?

I think continually through all these changes is our lives, I have shown a love for all of the orphans all over the world. Nothing has changed, if anything, it has grown stronger. We know we can’t foster, adopt or save every child, but we want and choose to do our part. We have decided to open up our home for another child, to foster. Abby is almost two now and since our girls are so old and eventually will all move out and start their own lives, we don’t want her to be all alone with mom and dad.

I know some are probably shocked or looking again at the economy. Michael and our girls are all in agreement, that this is not our life. Ruled by the economy or fear, we are not a family looking for retirement and those things that most families look upon, when their own children go on their way. We are not asking for your permission, we just ask for respect and maybe to hold us up in prayer. I already am praying for the right child to be put into our home. That we would be a blessing to her and protect, love and give her shelter.

I was so encouraged this week by certain people in our lives that are excited for this new step in our lives, this new adventure. Also at church today, I felt like the message was speaking right at me, to move on, to do what my heart is leading us to do and trust in him. What else can I do? When I left for China the 2nd time Michael and I prayed together for God to change me, inside and out. I believe this is still a work in progress and we are living on this journey. One more child safely in a loving, God filled home, precious!

“Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:29

More to come!


One Response to “Pequenopie “Little Feet””

  1. sharon Says:

    We agree with you and Michael for a wonderful child to come into your wonderful home.
    I love bubbles, Abby. Can we play bubbles next time we see you?

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