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Pequenopie “Little Feet” September 27, 2010

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Last year around this time, I was celebrating a Birthday, we had just completed our foster classes and it had been about a year since my trip to China. Now it’s been two years since I had God change so much in me. He put a desire in me to adopt a child and to give our love. Last year I was dreaming of the child that we would love with everything we could. I didn’t know when or how it would all work out, I just knew it would in God’s time. Last year our little Abby girl, wasn’t even born yet.

It truly is amazing to us and such a miracle how it all has worked out. Abby is our daughter in every true sense. Today at church our Pastor was talking about relationships and a mother’s love for her children. If there was a piece of wood between two towers, and your child, somehow was crawling out on it, what would a mother do. Of course we would do everything possible to save our child, risking our own lives.


We are now waiting for a call from the agency, to set up the court day for the adoption. It could be any day but we are thinking before the middle of October. Then it will be a celebration and our little pumpkin will be turning one very soon also. So much to celebrate and be thankful for. I had a friend say, after seeing Beka, Aubrey and Lizzy, playing with Abby, how she is sooo loved.

These beautiful pictures were taken by a friend of the family. Our best friends, Uncle Sharon and Aunt Dennis’s daughter in-law Abby. Abby was over our house before we even knew about our Abby, and Michael and I both fell in love with her name. So our Abby is named after their Abby. Thank you Abby for these amazing, beautiful pictures, you truly have a gift. I still can’t believe how you made our little Abby even more beautiful than she is.

If you have love to give, if you have room in your heart and house, think about what you could give to one of God’s lost children. How much joy you would give and receive. Open your heart and mind to this precious gift, adoption.

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:12

More to come later!


Pequenopie “Little Feet” September 20, 2010

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 About a year ago we started going to our foster parent classes. We were so excited and trepidatious at the same time, we couldn’t wait to see what would happen. All along I had faith that God would do it his way and in his timing, even though I struggled with that. I felt like I was a woman who had no children at all, waiting for their first child. I am so thankful that my girls kept me busy and friends and family were so supportive.

Many of them understood my feelings, even when they didn’t even make sense to me. Another friend who is an adoptive parent herself, reassured me, that it was normal and that this is how adoptive parents feel. Looking back God had it all worked out, he knew how he was going to put everything together. It sometimes is so hard for us to just have faith and trust in him.

This week on the 23rd, Abby will have been in our home 6 months, which is the last thing we have been waiting for. So anytime after that, the adoption will be final. Our adoption worker is thinking before Oct 15. At this point I’m not worried or impatient for that to happen. We know it will happen and meanwhile we are just enjoying every moment with Abby and our girls. I bought the cutest Halloween costume and we can’t wait to take Abby out to a few of the neighbors. There is so much to be thankful for and to enjoy every day, every moment. Every giggle, every tooth filled smile, every kiss.

Offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God- this is your spirtual act of worship. Romans 12:1

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Pequenopie “Little Feet” September 12, 2010

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We had a nice last visit with Michael’s parents and were able to share, celebrating Grandma’s birthday. Abby was in such a good mood, she let everyone hold her and wasn’t so quick to fuss when boys held her. Everyone loved her up and she showed her sweet personality.

Aunt Barb tried so hard to get Abby to play with her mouth, like she used to, but nope she wasn’t going to do it. Just like all babies, when they start doing something or have done something, when you try to get them to do it again, when people are around, that child is like no way, of course today Abby was doing it.

In a few short weeks, Abby will be ours legally and she will turn one. We can hardly wait, this is what we have been waiting for, for so long. But at the same time it seems so quick, it really is such a short time. I can’t believe Abby is almost one, she is growing up so fast, seems much quicker than when my girls were babies. My Grandma Corey told me the older you get, the quicker time goes by, so maybe that is what has changed.

It’s so cute, I talked to my mom this week and asked her when they are coming for a visit. She told me they needed some Abby time. Oh, that touches my heart so much, everyone has accepted our little girl, and fallen head over heels in love with her. I’m sure most adopting parents have a little concern, if this child will be accepted in your family, as you would want.

It’s so funny talking to my sister, and we are going through teen issues at the same time but now we are dealing with baby things too. Life is so good. We are enjoying all the new things that Abby is learning. We ask Abby to show us her teeth and she gives us the cutest toothy smile. She is a well-adjusted baby, healthy and happy. She is gaining weight and shows her attachment and love to us.

I remember not too long ago being so frustrated and not knowing how we were going to adopt from China. I had a faith that God would open a door and we would know this is where we need to go. Looking back I’m so grateful for this baby and this door that was open. So many children in other countries have many issues of attaching with their adoptive families.

When things don’t go our way or in the way we want, sometimes we question. Sometimes we are upset and are looking and searching for that door. Whether it is financially, in our relationships or whatever, it helps to have faith to trust and rely on. I have talked to a lady who wants a child of her own. I hope I have been an inspiration to show her, for her to trust in the Lord. That he will show her, like he did for us. I actually told her some advice I was given, to just look to him and walk one step in front of the other.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

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September 7, 2010

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This Holiday weekend was very busy, Michael’s sister had a huge party, with all of his family. It was like a Reunion, seeing all of the siblings, cousins, and Grandparents. Everyone gathered together, it was so wonderful. Finally everyone got to meet our little Abby.

Most everyone that sees and meets our little Abby, says what a sweetie she is. She is a baby to fall in love with. I was talking with my mother in-law, about adoption and foster care, and we both talked about how many children out in the world, who just need love. There is a huge need for foster parents to foster older children too.

We realize how blessed we are every day, how our girls have taken little Abby into their own hearts, as their own sister. My heart feels no difference between the girls that I held in my body and this little one. Even though she never heard my heartbeat or heard her daddy’s voice, it doesn’t matter. I never felt her little body move or felt her tiny legs kicking but my heart is full of love for this little one. It is so awesome the way our heart is made, to love unconditionally. There is a bond, a mother, father and daughter thing, that is so precious. Sisters that have a bond beyond any understanding. Family!

We have a routine and most mornings I get up when I hear Abby and bring her into bed to play. Some mornings I just look at her and am so surprised by her, so amazed. In such a short time she has grown into our child, our daughter.

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” John 14:23

More to come!