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Pequenopie “Little Feet” August 9, 2010

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Sweet little angel, flying high on your pink cloud. Heaven must have sent you way down here

Born in a backyard, down in a ghetto, in the dark your light shined

Sweet little angel of mine, sweet little angel let your light shine

 The deck’s stacked against you, the odds aren’t so great, we won’t give up baby, without a fight

Your gonna grow up girl in this old world, angel take the dark and turn it to light

Sweet little angel of mine, sweet little angel let your light shine

Got the love of your mother, the love of your father, your sisters will always watch your back

You didn’t start out here but your here, no matter cause love runs deeper than you know

Sweet little angel of mine, sweet little angel let your light shine

   Written by Daddy


I took these sweet pictures this weekend and I really loved all of them. Saturday was a big day for the Tacoma family, we finally signed the adoption papers to make everything legal. It was truly amazing to see Abigail Hope Tacoma written on all the paperwork, we are finally getting closer and closer to having this adoption be finalized. We wrote a check for $250 and that’s it, we will have Abby’s birth certificate and it also covered the fees for court. It’s shocking to me how quick and inexpensive it is to adopt in this way. It makes more families able to do this. Our adoption lady is petitioning the court this Tuesday with all our paperwork. How exciting to be this close. Since we have to have Abby in our home six months before the adoption can be final, it still looks like it will all fall at the end of September, early October. We can hardly wait!

We had some really close friends over that night and celebrated our friendship and also signing the papers. It was amazing to hear them say, how much we have bonded since they saw us last around two months ago. I truly do feel this also, Abby is ours fully. She is a silly little girl always trying to get everything you don’t want her to get. She is almost 10 months old now and loves to crawl and try to stand up. She is becoming more and more beautiful every day. She has her own little personality, she is unique and special. One day Lizzy and her boyfriend started kicking the soccer ball around, Abby was laughing so hard, she couldn’t stop. It was that crazy laughing that I have heard many times in my youth. I have heard this kind of laughter from my aunts and I have been a part of this also. Where you just can’t stop laughing and when you repeat it later to someone, they can’t figure out what was so funny.

We have an Abby jumper, no johnny jumper needed, the video below shows our crazy little jumper.

For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation. Psalm 149:4

More to come later!


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