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Pequenopie “Little Feet” August 29, 2010

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This past week we received paperwork from the court, showing that the court approved our adoption. We just have to have Abby in our home for 6 months, which will fall on September 23rd. Then it could be any day after that, that she will legally be ours. We can hardly wait and already feel like she is.

It’s so amazing to see her sisters trying to get her to say their names. Abby is still saying ma, da, and makes a barking noise, which we think she is sounding like our dog Cody, trying to mimic him. We also hear some sounds that sound, like sissy, Lizzy, Bobby and Aubrey. I told Beka this week, I heard Abby say Bob and I wished I had called her cause she’s just not sure that her little sissy is saying her name.

A few weeks ago our Church did McRest, where homeless women and children, were fed and had a place to sleep. Michael and I donated one meal and I couldn’t really help out since I had the baby with me, but I decided to go there with Abby and be a part of it. Anyway it broke my heart to see these women and children,  It wasn’t what I even thought or expected. Some of the women were better dressed than me, since they have a job. I guess some  people think homeless people are bums or lazy. All of the children, were just like anyones child. It was so sweet cause the little ones came up to Abby and were trying to hold her hand and play.

 I also realized  some of the things that Abby could have lived through, poverty, hunger and homelessness, I am just so thankful every moment that she is with us. Abby is still teething quite hard and has days that it really hurts her and makes her a touch cranky. Michael and I both saw a news report on an infant that was shaken to death and we both thought of little Abby, and all the children that have been saved by these things.

There are moments that I am tired, it’s been over 10 years since we’ve had a little one, but it has so many rewards. Abby is the sweetest baby I could ever imagine, she gives us open kisses and loves to snuggle, only when she wants to, of course. She is almost 11 months old and she jumps up and down, hops and now knows how to play patty cake. We are constantly watching to see what she does and says.

Today is Beka and Dustin’s 1st Wedding Anniversary, I can’t believe how quick the time has gone by. I am so happy to be a part of their life and to see them grow and be in their marriage. Happy Anniversary my special daughter and her hubby, love you both so much and we enjoy the times we spend with you. We are continuing to learn, what it is to have a married daughter.

It is such an honor to have 4 daughters, to have a wonderful husband, to have great family and wonderful friends. Our life is truly blessed! Last year around this time we knew we would be taking our foster/adopt classes the following month. I feel like so much has happened in the last year, it is truly amazing.

There is neither Jew or Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ. Galatians 3:28

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Pequenopie “Little Feet” August 14, 2010

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This week was another busy one, on Tuesday our adoption lady petitioned the court with  our adoption file and it went through. We are on our way to having this precious little one, to be ours legally. It is amazing that about a year ago we weren’t sure what to do. We knew without a doubt that we wanted to adopt a child but every country we looked at was so expensive and so many years to wait. It’s funny, this week I received an email from the agency we were looking to adopt from Nepal, saying you are 3rd on the waiting list for 2011. To think we would still not even be ready, waiting, not knowing where the finances would come from.

I am so thankful for how it all happened and both us and Tiffany, knew it was all God. It just happened too neatly, so easy, so quick. I believe all along even before Abby was in her birth mother’s tummy, he knew. He knows all things, he knows every hair on this little girls head, he knew what better thing to do, to keep these two girls together and unite these two families.

Abby and Gabby went on their first zoo trip together, it was also Tiffany’s first time. We had a wonderful hot sunny day, with 4 children, one big sister and two moms. We also had Abby and Gabby’s uncle Cliff with us, he is only 4 and it was so nice to see them all enjoying time together. Cliff is in foster care right now but his birth father is working to get custody of him.

The next day we met up at the mall to get Abby and Gabby’s pictures done together. It was interesting seeing Tiffany, Lizzy and I trying to get these two girls to cooperate. Gabby was very compliant at first, she and Abby sat on the floor and it was so sweet. Gabby kept giving Abby kisses and Abby just sat there. Well as we all know, within a few minutes a two-year can’t sit still, so Gabby was all over the place, so then we focused on Abby. We tried to get her to smile and of course she wasn’t having that at all. Meanwhile Gabby is running around, it was crazy but we did end up getting a few pictures of them together and also both by themselves too.

Some things are a coincidence but it just seems like it was supposed to happen that way. The photographer heard our story of our girls being sisters and Lizzy saying now I have more sisters, not just Abby but Gabby too. If Tiffany is able to adopt the new baby she is fostering, then that would be another sister too. Anyway, the photographer told us her parents fostered troubled teen girls. They adopted two and have kept in contact with 22 foster kids. This young woman told us  she talks to all of them, has a relationship with all of them. I asked a few questions, cause we are thinking of keeping our license and after Abby gets older, considering just fostering, until a child will get adopted or reunited with their birth parents. There is such a need for this, I feel like Tiffany was there to keep our little Abby until we got our license, what better way to give back, to love and nurture a child, until they are united with their forever family.

She said it was really hard at times, since they were fostering troubled teens but so rewarding at the same time. Right now my focus of course is on our little Abby and the family we have now. But this is something that we are considering in the future and it would not be troubled teens or any children that old. It was also quite funny to talk to the lady who checked us out, she heard also just that we were adopting sisters. She was very polite and friendly and asked can I ask you a question, anyway she asked if  Tiffany and I were partners. I laughed and so did Tiffany, I had mentioned jokingly to Tiffany a while back,  that people who saw us, might come to that conclusion. Anyway, I respected her asking us, instead of just assuming and maybe judging us. I laughed and said oh I have my man and so does she.

These days there are so many different family groups. There are grandparents, aunts, sisters, friends raising other people’s children and making them a part of their family. The photographer told us how she is raising her niece. I hope people would not judge, when they see something that isn’t the norm but today what is the norm. Sometimes we need to open our way of thinking, to not judge when we see something.

Come to me, all who labor or are heavy laden, and i will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest in your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Mathew 11:28-30

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Pequenopie “Little Feet” August 9, 2010

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Sweet little angel, flying high on your pink cloud. Heaven must have sent you way down here

Born in a backyard, down in a ghetto, in the dark your light shined

Sweet little angel of mine, sweet little angel let your light shine

 The deck’s stacked against you, the odds aren’t so great, we won’t give up baby, without a fight

Your gonna grow up girl in this old world, angel take the dark and turn it to light

Sweet little angel of mine, sweet little angel let your light shine

Got the love of your mother, the love of your father, your sisters will always watch your back

You didn’t start out here but your here, no matter cause love runs deeper than you know

Sweet little angel of mine, sweet little angel let your light shine

   Written by Daddy


I took these sweet pictures this weekend and I really loved all of them. Saturday was a big day for the Tacoma family, we finally signed the adoption papers to make everything legal. It was truly amazing to see Abigail Hope Tacoma written on all the paperwork, we are finally getting closer and closer to having this adoption be finalized. We wrote a check for $250 and that’s it, we will have Abby’s birth certificate and it also covered the fees for court. It’s shocking to me how quick and inexpensive it is to adopt in this way. It makes more families able to do this. Our adoption lady is petitioning the court this Tuesday with all our paperwork. How exciting to be this close. Since we have to have Abby in our home six months before the adoption can be final, it still looks like it will all fall at the end of September, early October. We can hardly wait!

We had some really close friends over that night and celebrated our friendship and also signing the papers. It was amazing to hear them say, how much we have bonded since they saw us last around two months ago. I truly do feel this also, Abby is ours fully. She is a silly little girl always trying to get everything you don’t want her to get. She is almost 10 months old now and loves to crawl and try to stand up. She is becoming more and more beautiful every day. She has her own little personality, she is unique and special. One day Lizzy and her boyfriend started kicking the soccer ball around, Abby was laughing so hard, she couldn’t stop. It was that crazy laughing that I have heard many times in my youth. I have heard this kind of laughter from my aunts and I have been a part of this also. Where you just can’t stop laughing and when you repeat it later to someone, they can’t figure out what was so funny.

We have an Abby jumper, no johnny jumper needed, the video below shows our crazy little jumper.

For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation. Psalm 149:4

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Pequenopie “Little Feet” August 2, 2010

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I had a discussion with  my girls about hurts that we all have gone through in the last few years. We left a church and it’s been so hard. I know for them, they have struggled with some of the friendships, that they thought they had. I also have felt the same thing. I made mistakes in believing that the body of believers, are who you spend your time with. We were taught to hang out only with believers that had the same mindset. How are we supposed to be there for our family and friends and be light in this world, if all we do is hang with those like us. I thought we were supposed to get encouragement from those believers and then go out into the world and be a help to those who need us.

We actually hurt some of our family, in not being around and doing all this church stuff. I have asked and received forgiveness from those that Michael and I both hurt. I have comforted our children, who feel so much pain from it all. One of my daughters spoke about sitting at lunch alone for months because of needing to be set apart from all these messed up kids and she had focused so much effort to fit in with the Christian kids, that at school she ended up not having relationships there. Aren’t we all messed up, in one way or another? Only Christ is perfect in every way. The funny thing is that she never fit in with the Christian kids, they were all clicky and once we left, out of sight out of mind. I understand the bible says to be set apart but  how can we be around ones who need to see Christ in us, if we hang out just in the Church? How can I love my neighbor if I have an agenda, if I am trying to figure out if they are saved, if I am judging them. How can I love my neighbor, if I’m not.

Do you think someone who had questions about my beliefs would ask me, if I didn’t have a relationship with them. A friendship, a respect for each other. If God is in me, then it should show up. He should show something in me, without me even saying one word. I don’t have to talk about the amazing things he’s done in my life and I don’t have to judge them or condemn them. Some Christians think it is loving to warn, you will go to hell. Where is the love in that. Wouldn’t it work much better to just love them as they are?

Looking back at what we went through and the hurts we still carry and are working at healing them, I feel like we had to go through what we did. So we would look at others differently, so we would realize we are the same as every other person. Not better than, the same. I am thankful for what we learned, for going to China on my mission trips, cause this did have an effect on our lives, not only did we end up with Abby but we have our family now. It has affected us in the way we go to the church we attend. I am more cautious and not looking to fit myself in there. I am just learning about God and worshiping there, if I end up having a few good friends, then great. If not then it’s ok. I have realized that a true friend would not care whether you go to a church, their church, or any church. A true friend is there in thick and thin, no matter what you are going through. You can count on them, they pick you up when you fall. I am thankful to have a few special people in our lives. What more can you ask for?

This past week Aubrey went on vacation with a girlfriend, to Chicago. This picture of Abby and Aubrey’s boyfriend Derek is so sweet, at first she wasn’t too sure about him but pretty soon she was all interested in him. Lizzy just got a new job, which is making her grow up so fast. Sixteen and her first job, she’ll be working at the local mall at a teen type store. She is so happy to get some money and to be hired.

We also got some news from the agency that we have consent to adopt Abby, we are signing papers this week. We are so excited to finally get this done and the process is going as expected. It looks like the end of Sept she will be ours legally. She already feels like our daughter and sister but it will be nice to have her legally. To have her be a Tacoma, through and through. It was so sweet calling Michael at work, he was all excited. Proud papa had to call the agency to get more details, of what this actually meant.

Abby is growing so fast, it’s amazing. She definitely has her own sweet personality. She is constantly doing new things and we are so fascinated by her. Most everyone who sees her, comments on what a sweetie she is. This Sunday in church, Abby was blowing raspberries like crazy and after the service the people who sat behind us, said how she kept them very entertained. I hope she didn’t bother the pastor during his sermon. Anyway, I still can’t believe what a miracle she is, and how God worked out everything for us to be her parents, her family.

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:114

More to come later!