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Pequenopie “Little Feet” March 21, 2010

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 This week has been another full of firsts and such exciting news. March 5th we received our foster care license, we even received a copy of it in the mail. I could hardly keep my feet planted on the floor, I was so happy and excited to finally reach this point. After so many ups and downs and at times seemed so long a time to wait.

This past week we also had two meetings, one with the baby’s case worker to get the baby transferred into our home, as our foster child. It was amazing to look at this meeting and see Tiffany handing this baby over to our house. To see Gabby, Abby’s big sister reaching out to me, wanting me when it was over. My words don’t contain how Michael and I felt and still feel. We are actually here, at this place that we have yearned for, for so long.

Our second meeting was with the adoption worker and even though I was so nervous, we were very quickly, put at ease. Everything that I worried about, was not even a concern, trying to get teenagers to clean their room can be quite interesting at times.

To see Michael, daddy acting  just like he did with his girls, mooching his face right up into her, makes me know that God has opened up both of our hearts, minds and souls, to accept this little girls as our own.

On Tuesday March 23, Abby will be officially our foster care child. Every day she will be in our home, in our live, in our hearts.

Also in 6 months she will be our adopted daughter. Yahoo!!!!!

How amazing, we are there, we have gotten through this time. We are rejoicing and thanking and praising God for everything he has done and continues to do. I remember while we were taking our foster care classes in Sept., Michael of course saying we could have our child by Christmas, I was thinking by Easter.

Our mission is to raise this child, love her and be her parents. We feel so honored and privileged to be hand-picked for this child. I believe all along God had her picked out for us, for us to end up with more than a child but to end up with more family. We can’t wait to meet all the people who had a part in Tiffany and Gabby’s life. That supported Tiffany taking on this child, until we could. I can’t wait to meet Mrs. Maclain, who watched Abby while Tiffany was at work. Her hands and love have made this child to be who she is today. I also thank Tiffany for believing in us, for listening to her own heart, for knowing and seeing the love that was growing in us. For holding, loving and taking care of Abby while we were waiting to get our license. But most of all I thank God that he trusts us enough.

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

More to come later!


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