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Pequenopie “Little Feet” March 8, 2010

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It’s been over a year since I went to China on a mission trip and fell in love with baby Sharon and had my whole life changed. Before I left, Michael and I prayed together, for God to change me radically. He certainly did that, he showed me a path that I never had even seen or thought for ourselves and then Michael also.


About six months ago we started our foster care classes and had stopped looking to adopt from another country, we were looking at children in our own backyard. We were again following a different path, God  shut one door and opened up another. Looking back it seems like it took forever, but six months is so quick.



We received a call from the agency this past friday, letting us know that we would either get our license then or by  Monday. I was given a website to enter our license number in and when it was active, we would know. I put it in a few times on friday and stopped around 6pm, thinking that we would have to wait till Monday.

We had made plans to have Dennis and Sharon over Saturday evening and I right away felt, I wish we could celebrate getting our license now, instead of waiting till we see them the next time. Not even thinking, just acting on a whim, I entered that number in on Saturday morning and was so shocked to see, ACTIVE on friday, March 5th. Yahoo! This part of the wait is over.. We are licensed… and we were able to celebrate.. I finally let myself jump up and down.

I think it’s only right to put both of these pictures up, of Dennis holding both of the babies that I love. Sharon and our little Abby. Dennis was a part of seeing God change my heart, he held baby Sharon and knew and saw how I felt. After coming home from China, both Dennis and his wife Sharon were so supportive to us and our family. They are true friends, being there with you in good times and bad. They held my hand in my frustrations, fear, worry, and the waiting. I am so thankful to Abby’s Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sharon.

There have been so many people, friends and family that have been so supportive. Thank you!


 Little Abby is back with Tiffany for the last visit and will be home with us again on Wednesday, and will never have to leave our house again. We are so ready to have her full-time, every day, morning, noon and night. It is still hard to say goodbye to our little precious one but this visit feels different. We know she will grow up in our home as our daughter.

Both Tiffany and us are looking forward to B-day parties, picnics, and zoo trips with these two sisters. We are already planning on going to a mom to mom sale. Not only will Abby have 4 sisters but Tiffany and I have each other now too. We are like sisters raising these two little girls, so we are Aunties..


 1Chronicles 16:34 Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.




2 Responses to “Pequenopie “Little Feet””

  1. Paula and Mike Grieb Says:

    Micheal and Vicki!
    Congratulations and best of wishes from Mike and I and the kids! I can only imagine how very excited you all must be to have such a beautiful addition to your family. I know she will be as big of a blessing to you as you are to her. Blessings to you all!!
    Paula and Mike

  2. Aunt Karen Says:

    We are also happy for your family! God has been working BIG TIME in your lives and has chosen two wonderful parents to love His precious child. The ups and downs you have faced are similar to a pregnancy. You have experienced joys and sorrows in your long wait. And now you are prepared for the journey ahead! We are thrilled with your new daughter and share in your joy! Our family is also being blessed with wonderful news…Brandy is engaged to a wonderful man, Wendy and Peter are expecting and we just found out Erik and Katie are also having a baby 6 weeks later! I am on Grandma Cloud and can’t wait for all these babies in our family!!! God bless you all!

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